Stay At Home Jobs For Moms

Are you a fulltime stay-at-home mom? Maybe you chose not to look for work because you want to tend to the needs of your kids and look after the house on your own. But is there a way for you to earn good income while you are staying at home? Well, you can check out the following stay-at-home jobs which are perfect for moms:

Freelance Online Jobs

To minimize manpower expenses, many companies nowadays choose to outsource the work they need done. For example, a company may choose to have its financial statements prepared by a freelance accountant hired online instead of hiring one to their office. So what freelance jobs are in demand online?

As already mentioned, accounting is one of the popular online jobs. Others include the following: article writing, data entry, Photoshop editing, online assistant services, customer support, sales emails, and such. If you can do any one of these things, then you have a high chance of getting hired online.

You can also checkout sites like,, and to see which skills are currently in demand online.

Online Marketing

You do not always have to get hired by some company in order to earn online. Instead of getting hired, you can work for yourself instead. This is called online marketing. You can sell products online and earn this way. You can either a) sell physical products to be shipped to the buyer or b) sell electronic and downloadable products such as eBooks, articles, programs, and such.

Online marketing however encompasses a lot of things. You have to know the secrets to effective advertising. There is however plenty of sites that teach beginners like you about the trade of online marketing.


This is another way for moms to earn while at home. They can learn handcraft skills and make products like baskets, stationery, cards, bracelets, and such. Embroidery products are also quite popular. Examples include knitted mobile phone cases, bags, appliance covers, furniture covers, and such.

But what if you have no experience in doing any crafts? Well, there are now a lot of schools that offer short courses about handcrafting, tailoring, and other related skills. You can enroll to such short courses and learn the skill which you feel will be profitable.

Food Products

This is another way for single moms to earn while at home. You can make preserved products such as dried fruits. You can also make baked goods such as cookies, pastries, cupcakes, and breads. And it does not have to be food for people. You can also make treats for dogs and cats. This is now getting really popular.

But in order for this to work, you must already have a market. For example, if you choose to make dog treats, then maybe you can speak with some pet stores first and convince them to sell your products. If possible, you can also open a shop in your place.


There are now manufacturers that choose to sell their products through direct-sellers. They no longer put their products on the market. Instead, they look for people who will be willing to go from people to people selling their products for a commission – it saves on salary cost and hiring cost.

Products may include perfumes, food supplements, clothes, books, gadgets, tools, and many others. Just choose a company that sells products which you think you can sell effectively.

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